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Funding an Acquisition

Deciding Factor Ways to Buy a Financial Advisory Practice

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Biggest Roadblocks

Deciding FactorTo the Sale of a Financial Advisor Practice

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Valuation Methods

Deciding FactorMethods for Valuing a Financial Advisor Practice

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The Deciding Factor

Deciding FactorWhy A Seller Won’t Sell Their Practice to You

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An Aging Client Base

A Winning TeamAn aging client base hurts your practice value.

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A Winning Team

A Winning TeamSelecting Qualified Experts To Help You Sell Your Practice.

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Top 4 Factors for Fit

Buying a PracticeLearn how to spot a good buyer fit for your - it goes beyond price.

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Choosing Help

succession expertWhy it's better to work with an independent succession expert instead of your broker-dealer's.

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Decision to Sell

Common Mistakes When Selling a PracticeOur advice on how you should think about the difficult decision to sell your practice.

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Common Mistakes

Common Mistakes When Selling a PracticeBefore you sell your practice, avoid these common mistakes that sellers make.

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Valuation Factors

Factors Impacting Valuation PriceSee what factors impact valuation prices.

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  • Anthony Whitbeck, CEO and Todd Doherty, M&A Consultant discuss how the Corona Virus is impacting Mergers and Acquisitions.
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  • Todd Doherty, M&A Consultant and Valuations Expert for Advisor Legacy, shared the three drivers that maximize practice value for Advisor Perspectives. In the article, he provides a side by side comparison of two similar practices, and how the factors of value impacted each firm’s overall valuation.
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  • Wealth Management highlights the launch of Advisor Legacy as a practice that bridges the gap between in-house succession departments and listing services.
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  • Advisor Legacy brought on as consultant to support buyers and seller’s on Skyview’s new platform, the Advisory Practice Board of Exchange, a secure and confidential platform for buying and selling practices.
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  • Advisor Legacy launches to bridge the gap between practice listing services and in-house succession departments.
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